G039: Veggie Game

Veggie Game photo
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  • Category: G
  • No Pieces: 32
  • Manufacturer: BS
  • Age: 3+
  • Replacement cost: $60.00
  • Storage: : Box and Lid


What a challenge to look for some tasty ingredients in the pan!

Roll the dice and rotate the lid. Now use the tweezer to collect your vegetables. Put them on your plate, but don’t drop the veggies on the table or on your plate. It would be a waste of food!

1-4 Players


1 x Instruction Sheet
1 x Veggie Pan
1 x Veggie Pan Lid
1 x Dice
4 x Plate Cards
4 x Tweezers
5 x Orange Veggies
5 x Red Veggies
5 x Green Veggies
5 x Blue Veggies