Frequently Asked Questions

The Toy Library is exactly as it sounds - a place for you to borrow toys, dress-ups, puzzles and games, just like you do with books at your local library.

We''re passionate about the world we live in and by joining a toy library you can be too!

By keeping a fresh supply of toys moving around the community, we''re saving toys from filling up our landfills and in addition, it also means you don''t have the pressure to constantly buy new toys only to have your children get bored and move onto the next thing.

Donating toys to the Toy Library not only promotes reuse to children, it also reduces waste and environmental impact.

We are a non-profit organization run by a 100% voluntary committee with support from our members and their families.

We are always in need of new committee members. From each new committee member, we gain new ideas and a fresh look into what can be improved. We are not a council or government organisation or a private company. We are a group of parents working together to benefit our children. The library is run by the members and a volunteer committee, who looks after the day-to-day running of the library.

Please note we are an online toy library while we continue our search for premises in Rolleston (please get in touch if you know of anything suitable!). Being an online toy library means you reserve your toys on our website, and then pickup/return toys to our collection point in central Rolleston - please see contact details for location details and follow our Facebook page for updates.

Lets join! Click the Join Now button up the top of the webpage, fill in your details and you will receive an email from us within 1 - 2 days with our bank details for payment. Once payment has been proven, you will then be emailed your membership login details which then allows you to begin reserving and borrowing toys.

Up to 4 toys allowed per fortnight. 

When you get your toys home, it always pays to check that all the pieces are there as stated, as we do charge for missing/broken pieces. Contact us with any issues or concerns.

Please make sure our toys are cared for as if they were your own and return them complete and clean.

We ask that toys are returned each session to enable toys to be circulated. This is particulary important while we run an online Toy Library, as another member may have reserved those toys for the next session. Please note you will be charged overdue fines.

Overdue toys will incur a fine of $3.00 per week. Persistent lateness in returning toys may result in cancellation of your membership.

If you wish to extend a loan, please talk to the committee member on duty and if you are unable to attend a session please contact us.

Please let the library know immediately by email or phone if there are missing or broken pieces.

Please look after the toys that you borrow to ensure their longevity. If any toys are not up to the standard that you expect, please inform one of the librarians.

Put toys away if young visitors arrive, unless they are closely supervised. Try restricting use of inside toys to one place or one room to make it easier to find parts when toys are due back.


Please don't make  repairs to toys.  If a breakage occurs please let us know.



All our toys are stored in custom made Zipit bags. If possible, remove toys from their bags (plastic bags should not be given to the children) and store in a safe place at home. Please return toys in the correct bags and ensure both the inside and outside of the bag is clean.

Cleaning of toys

Please clean toys before returning them and make sure they are dry (especially water toys). If you return toys that are dirty, you will be asked to clean them onsite.

Recommended cleaning items:

Ammonia-based spray cleaner (such as “Spray & Wipe”)

Antibacterial wipes

Disinfectant (such as “Dettol”)

Sponge cloth


Old toothbrush

Most toys can be washed with normal dishwashing liquid, using heavier-duty cleaners for more stubborn marks. Get into corners with an old toothbrush and toothpicks wrapped in cotton wool. Please dry well.

Leaving items such as Lego and construction blocks to drain on a clean tea-towel overnight is ideal.

Please do not soak wooden toys, or any toys with labels etc.

Rattles and Baby Toys

Must not be immersed in water as it can get inside, rendering the toy useless. Wipe thoroughly with hot water, a sponge cloth with a small amount of cleaner as recommended above. We recommend for the safety of your child that you do this prior to giving the toy to your child and again before you return it.

Ride-on Vehicles and Outdoor Toys

These must be returned clean. Please protect outside toys from the weather. If possible, store indoors at night and keep them secure if you are away from the property.

Puzzles and Games

Wooden puzzles can be wiped over, or if necessary, washed gently. Cardboard should be wiped over with a slightly damp sponge cloth.

Toys break even in normal play.  Don’t be embarrassed if this happens to you.  Please notify us of any damage or broken pieces. It is important to us that our toys remain safe for use by all members.

-If a toy is returned damaged/broken, you may be charged a fee of generally $5.00.

We understand our toys are well used and loved and our committee will consider if additional repair or replacement fees occur on a case-by-case basis.

If a missing piece causes the toy to be incomplete, you are welcome to buy the toy (and we hope you find the piece at home) or pay to replace it.

No further toys may be borrowed until all fines are paid

Toy parts can be easily lost by anyone. Please don’t be embarrassed as this easily happens. Report any missing pieces upon return.

-If a toy is returned with a missing piece, you will be charged a replacement fee of generally $5.00. If the missing piece does turn up, you will be credited upon its return.

If a missing piece causes the toy to be incomplete, you are welcome to buy the toy (and we hope you find the piece at home) or pay to replace it.

-If a Zipit bag is damaged or missing you will also incur a fee.

Depending on size the fee will be between $5.00 - $40 as these Zipit bags are custom made and measure to fit our toys.