E069: My First Vehicles Magnetic Set

My First Vehicles Magnetic Set photo
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  • Category: E
  • No Pieces: 13
  • Manufacturer: Smartmax
  • Age: 0-6
  • Replacement cost: $52.00
  • Storage: : Box and Lid


Fantastic 13 piece set introducing children to the magic of magnetism in a fun and safe way.
This fascinating set contains coloured magnetic rods and the front and back segments of four different construction vehicles. The extra-large, soft touch parts are perfect for smaller hands and click easily onto the body bars. Enjoy bringing your creations to life, including a lorry, tow-truck, cement mixer and fire engine, or mix and match to create the weirdest vehicles around. Beep beep!


4 x Magnetic Rods
1 x White Ball
2 x Green Vehicle Halves
2 x Red Vehicle Halves
2 x Orange Vehicle Halves
2 x Blue Vehicle Halves