E053: Force and Motion Activity Set

Force and Motion Activity Set photo
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  • Category: E
  • No Pieces: 33
  • Age: 5-6
  • Replacement cost: $30.00


Get your motor running with real STEM learning! Discover the science of motion through scientific exploration with colorful, engaging tools and hands-on activities. Explore the science of `how things go` as you conduct investigations, solve problems, and explore early engineering. Features 10 double-sided Activity Cards covering all aspects of STEM, plus key science concepts of gravity, inertia, friction, push/pull, and more!


2 cars
2 double-sided tracks
2 small purple blocks
2 large green blocks
4 weighted blocks
1 yellow base
1x pendulum ball with hook and sting attached
2 long green rods (ladder parts)
2 think green rods (ladder parts)
1 green ladder top rung (ladder parts)
10 Activity Cards
1x instruction sheet
3x worksheet pages